Because you're supporting Pancreatic Cancer research

Your participation in this race helps support Pancreatic Cancer research through the Lustgarten Foundation. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States. It is the only major cancer with a 5-year relative survival rate in the single digits, just 6%. Pancreatic cancer will move from the fourth to the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. by 2020 unless we improve the ability to detect and treat this disease.

Research into this deadly disease is greatly underfunded compared to other types of cancers. This disease is so deadly because there is no screening test and symptoms tend to be vague and nonspecific. Lower back pain, nausea, lack of appetite, lower or middle abdominal pain are some of the symptoms that may occur. Because there is no test for early detection, and the lack of specific symptoms, usually the cancer has advanced, or spread to other parts of the body by the time it is diagnosed.

Lustgarten Foundation

The Lustgarten Foundation ( was founded in 1998 by Cablevision in honor of one of its executives, Marc Lustgarten, who passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 52. The Lustgarten Foundation supports research to find a cure for pancreatic cancer, facilitates dialogue within the medical and scientific community, and educates the public about the disease. Cablevision underwrites all of the Foundation’s administrative expenses so that 100% of every donation to the Foundation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research. Cablevision and The Lustgarten Foundation are also partners in curePC (, a public service campaign in support of the Foundation to raise awareness about the lethalness of pancreatic cancer and the Foundation’s efforts in the battle against this disease.

Your hosts

The Appalachian DuTri is co-hosted by the Greenbrier Group to Fight Pancreatic Cancer and the WVSOM Wilderness Medicine Club

  • The Greenbrier Group to Fight Pancreatic Cancer is a local WV organization. Some of its members have had their lives greatly affected through the loss of loved ones to pancreatic cancer. Our goals are to raise public awareness through outreach and education, and raise funds for fighting cancer. The Appalachian Du/Triathlon to Fight Cancer was established to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise funds towards the fight against cancer. Monies raised from this event will be donated to the Lustgarten Foundation.
  • The WVSOM Wilderness Medicine Club is a student chapter of the Wilderness Medical Society, Inc. The mission of the Society is to advance healthcare, research, and education related to wilderness medicine. The WVSOM Wilderness Medicine Club strives to encourage, foster, support, or conduct activities in a wilderness environment.