Race Information

Triathlon / Duathlon course map [click for full size]

The Appalachian Du/Triathlon to Fight Cancer is an event to challenge the seasoned athlete and welcome the first timer to encourage a healthy lifestyle. You can participate as an individual or as a team. See the registration page for details.

The event starts at 9 AM on Sunday, September 9, 2018.


The triathlon is a sprint event with a 550 meter swim, a 13.25 mile bike, and 5 km run.
The duathlon is a sprint event with a 1 mile run, a 13.25 mile bike, and a 5 km run.

The event is sanctioned by USATriathlon will be timed using a chip timing system (5 splits provided). Please review the race rules before the race.


Triathlon Course details:

Swim: An open water swim in relatively shallow water. Swimmers start in waves according to their registration category. The Youth and First Timers start in the last wave. The 550 meter course starts just off the beach with the participants in the water. The swim is in a clockwise direction, around a small island and then returning to the beach. Upon exiting the water, the participants will cover about 50 meters of sand/grass as they proceed to the transition area.


Bike: The bike route is an out and back. Riders walk their bike out of the transition area before mounting and then proceed away from the lake area to the west, down Route 14 for about 6.5 miles. Riders will then do a u-turn at the turn-around point. The turn around point is marked with cones in the center of the road. Riders then head east, back to the lake area, dismounting before entering the transition area. Course is fairly flat; overall elevation change ~ 400 feet.


Run: The running course starts out on pavement for ~ 0.5 miles and then transitions to a packed gravel road that will take the participants through the camping areas. Runners head east from the lake area and head down the far end of the park on the left side of the road. They will then follow the far campground loop clockwise and work their way west, back to the lake area. They will loop two additional camp ground areas on the return, staying on the right hand side of the road as they go. The run is basically flat; overall elevation change 182 feet.


Duathlon Course Details:

Run: The 1 mile run is on pavement. The duathletes all start the 1 mile run together, heading east from the transition area. They head out on the left side of the road for 0.5 miles, then work their way back to the transition area.

Bike: Same as triathlon course. See description above under ‘triathlon’.

Run: Same as triathlon course. See description above under ‘triathlon’.